Saman Mohammadi, Graphic design lecturer and iranian graphic, technology software engineering graduates, His activities in 2010 with the layout in the press. After a while, for adviser and teaching graphic art at tehran university press published the first institution in the history of iran. During this period, of art and graphics on domestic and international issues including “Pilban” the animation is a specialized magazine in iran, a week is a continuation “Roshan” and etc. Teaching and artistic management and graphic design for print and publishing institution, various shows and festival literary and artistic poster design for the theater and short films, He was part of the activities in these years. The 2013 launch of specialized websites “Sepidar Graphic” have experienced and creative team of young graphic designer living in iran and abroad brought professional sub.


  1. Logo and Typhography

    logo for your brands

  2. Layout of the press and books

    Doing graphic layout for the press and books

  3. Poster and Cover

    Poster and advertising recall and books

  4. Design catalogs and brochures

    An effective way to introduce services and products.

  5. Is designed Securities

    Design letterhead, envelopes and business office is in the form of

  6. Web Design Templates

    Elegant and efficient design templates for websites

  7. User interface design

    Design icons and UI Software Applications



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